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Let us tell you a bit about ourselves.....

Why was VIDIAN founded?

We’ve been selling high-quality garden furniture since 2010. The brand ARTELIA®, which was founded by Marc-André M. Balló, has proven itself to be one of the top names for designer garden furniture.

In 2016 we took over a sewing factory in Poland which had run in to financial difficulties. Up until then it had been sewing for well-known brands, such as Clinique or Hugo Boss. This small sewing factory with around 20 seamstresses was a good fit for our growing portfolio because of the high-quality goods it produced. Artelia® now produces its replacement cushion covers and weather-proof covers in Poland. "

Over time Artelia® received more and more enquiries from customers who were looking for new cushion covers for their garden furniture. Their cushion covers were heavily worn by outdoor use and they didn’t know where to turn.


This made us aware that the problem of missing, damaged or worn furniture covers was a bigger problem than we originally thought.

We took this opportunity to merge two issues together. Founding VIDIAN helped us to save our customers a lot of money as they didn’t need to buy new garden furniture, just have new cushion covers made. We could also design new furniture sets with coloured cushion covers and not just the standard cream-white.

We’re right at home in the world of design. We’ve been doing it for years!

IKEA is undoubtedly the undisputed leader when it comes to home furnishing. We can reach a large audience with IKEA cushion covers. Almost everyone has a piece of IKEA furniture at home!

We are slowly working on making Vidian® the leading brand for custom made home designs.
Join us and help us all make our homes even more beautiful without having to dig deep in to our pockets to do so.

Who are the faces behind Vidian?

Marc-André (Founder)

If you want to start a business these days you need fresh ideas, the courage to take risks and a sustainable concept. The risks were negligible for Marc-André, because he was so convinced his new business idea would be a success. He was able to quickly get other people excited about the idea too. Professionalism was a top priority for him right from the beginning and he still does not tolerate compromises when it comes to quality.

Monika (Product Manager)

" In a film she’d probably be both the scriptwriter and the director. However, we’re fortunate that she decided upon a carrier in product management. All the threads come together through Monika and she leaves absolutely nothing to chance. She is passionate about developing plans and strategies and she has turned her special talents into a profession. She successfully coordinates and optimizes the production process. Her infectious good mood has less to do with her strategic abilities and more to do with her loveable personality. "

Karis, Chris and Elizabeth (Customer Service)

If you contact us with your request or questions our customer service team will take care of you. Karis, Chris and Elizabeth are a great team and will only be satisfied once they’ve managed to completely fulfil your request. It doesn’t matter which member of the team you get through to – you can always be sure that each of them will have your best interests at heart. Experience what it feels like when the customer really is till the king. You won’t be the first to come back a second or even a third time because the whole experience was so nice.

Piotr (Production Management)

He’s known to everyone as ‘P‘. His real name is the hard to pronounce Polish name Piotr. He is the head of production management at Vidian and works tirelessly to keep things in good working order. Team spirit is very important to us and he has an open ear for everyone. As like all good team leaders, P has the special ability of being able to keep an eye on everything without the employees feeling like they are under constant surveillance. The high-quality furniture covers which are produced under his leadership come with a 3 year guarantee.

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